Q: What is the recommended protocol to use with the Chlorine Dioxide Kits?

A: Add two drops of Part A with two drops of Part B in a shot glass.  Swirl around briefly. Let sit to activate for 30 to 60 seconds.  Add to 16oz of water.  Adjust ratio of drops for larger quantities of water.


Q: How should I store the bottles to keep fresh?

A: Keep both bottles in a cool and dark place.  Do not let sit in direct sunlight.  Best in a pantry or in the refrigerator.


Q: Does the product expire?

A: No, as long as it is stored correctly, the components will always stay fresh and will activate normally when mixed together.


Q: How long does the treated water stay clean?

A: If the water treated is stored without sunlight exposure, air exposure or temps over 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the water can stay clean for approximately 4 years.  If the water is exposed to the above elements, treat the water again with the same recommended protocol.



Thank you!