About Us

Welcome to Oneness Labs


Here at Oneness Labs, we are passionate about clean water!  Back in 2008 one of the founders came across chloride dioxide as a tool to clean water.  He had a trip planned to the Amazon in South America and felt it would be a good idea to bring these water purification drops along 'just in case'.  During his travels, he used the drops several times personally to help with stomach bug issues and to treat his drinking water where he wasn't able to get filtered or bottled water.  He was surprised at how effective the drops were in getting over illness quickly and how easily it purified the water.  Upon seeing how dire the living and sanitary conditions were in many of the local areas he visited, he started giving out the drops freely to anyone that was open to using them.  The results were amazing! With word of mouth, more and more people were coming to ask for them.

He has since continued his humanitarian work in the Amazon of South America creating clean water projects in the local communities and providing Chlorine Dioxide Water Drops to over 5000 people.  The passion continued and Oneness Labs was created in 2019 to bring these Water Purification Drops to many more people.

A portion of the proceeds at Oneness Labs goes to Non-Profit projects in the Amazon.  It is our mission to assist in raising the health and well being of individuals in the Amazon Region.  We continue to reach out to more communities in need and are always amazed to see what a positive impact these drops are having in the lives of many!

Thank you for your Support!