September 02, 2020

At Oneness Labs we believe in giving from a place of abundance. Our journey started over 10 years ago in the Amazon jungles of Peru. Here we discovered rural, indigenous communities with little option but to drink dirty, bacterial-filled water.

This was quite shocking to us, especially because of the knowledgeable, healing aspects we had found thus far through their natural plant medicines and remedies. How did this all happen? These communities originally had no issues with clean water. However, we discovered that as western influences came to the jungle, it had many negative impacts on the natural symbiotic lifestyle these native peoples had developed with their natural environment.

During our time in the Amazon, we had exhausted our efforts to find workable solutions that empower these people to have access to clean water. We had built and donated water wells that provided clean, running water to hundreds of indigenous people in the Amazon. But still we felt we were not making effective, sustainable gains. Although we’ve had tremendous success in creating modern pumping and holding facilities, the reoccurring problem was that the local communities were not able to upkeep the wells with the needed maintenance. And so, over time, they go back to their old ways of collecting water. Which worked before many foreign influences created massive deforestation, along with mineral and oil exploitation, that we can see there today.

Unfortunately, the ways that once worked for these people to gain access to clean drinking water where no longer a viable solution today. In time, we found that providing them with a method to treat their water with chlorine dioxide drops was very effective! This technique improved the health of these rural communities better then any other approach we had thus attempted. This was great news to us, considering that this method has been used for decades in the water- treatment industry as a tried and true way to make water safe for drinking.

The changes we observed in these communities were incredible. Water and food born illness dropped significantly. Even the health care providers in these areas reported that as the quality of the water increased so did the community health and cohesiveness. It seems that once you can provide clean and abundant water in
these areas that it promotes the stability and health of the culture. Local projects with food production and cultural preservation where thriving once again! Drinking clean, purified water improved community health to such a degree that people are no longer fleeing their communities for the larger cities as they now have the
stability and health that they desire back at home.

Now, the evidence is clear to us. Drinking clean, purified water plays the most important role in our health. Second only to the quality of air we breath. Now, we are left with the task of finding a way to make this a sustainable vision. We must find a way to empower these communities on the importance of clean water and inspire the rural communities of the Amazon to make their own health a top priority.

So how is this accomplished? As an optimist, we can see infinite possibilities, however the reality of creating effective change in these remote areas can also be seen as a long and strenuous journey. We want to succeed in this vision, but we need your help. We wish to learn from our experiences and provide empowering solutions for these communities and not place ourselves in the position of an enabler with a codependent nature.

Our new plan revolves around finding out what the communities desire most for their own success and survival. We don’t want to fall into the role of the “savior” coming to the rescue. We wish to provide empowering solutions that create independence and responsibility for every community. This will be done through your assistance and support of Oneness Water Treatment Solutions. Together, we will create systems that provide local solutions to those living in these communities and the ability to provide clean water for themselves. The truth we have discovered is that charity can get communities back in alignment but do not work over the long term. Why is this? We find that once the community is invested in the maintaining of their own access to clean drinking water the chances of achieving long-term successes are guarantied.

Meaning, whoever in the community that is interested in supporting our vision would have to lobby to those who are no on board about the importance of clean water to their community health. This will raise the awareness of the community for the initial work and ongoing maintenance of Oneness Water Purification’s programs. While we develop this real-world experiment, we will continue to provide our knowledge and services to struggling communities all over the world.

Our chlorine dioxide water purification drops are a combination of 28% sodium chlorite activated by equal amounts of either 50% citric acid or 5% hydrochloric acid. We have found that these specific combinations are ideal for working in remote locations.

It is important to note that FDA has warned against the drinking of chlorine dioxide, and we couldn’t agree more. One should never drink chlorine dioxide by itself. We are only recommending that Oneness Water Purification Drops be used in the treatment of contaminated water.

For instance, to treat 16oz of questionable water, one would add 2 drops of 28% sodium chlorite and 2 drops 50% citric acid or the 5% hydrochloric acid to a round-bottom shot glass. Then wait 20-30 seconds until the chlorine dioxide is activated, turning a light yellow color in the reaction process. This then can be multiplied to treat larger amounts of water.

Although we manufacture and sell this product, we encourage people to make it themselves if they feel called to do so. The ingredients are fairly inexpensive and can be found almost anywhere in the world.

We wish to thank all of you for the support you have contributed to Oneness Water Purification Drops!

Together, we can empower those that need clean water solutions today!

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